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Mike McKenna Jr has released an awesome new track called “At The Edge of the World”

Mike McKenna Jr has released an awesome new track called “At The Edge of the World”


Canadian singer-songwriter Mike McKenna Jr has released a new track called “At the Edge of the World”, the title track from his forthcoming album titled At The Edge of the World. He shows his true passion for this track. A beautiful but sad song, it makes you appreciate the moment. The vocals are great as they harmonize with the background singer(s). The drums and keyboard are awesome too. Nice project.

According to his press release, The inspiration behind the title track At The Edge of the World unfolded as Mike came across a news article about one man’s experience as a first-responder of the crash of Swiss Air Flight 111 near Peggy’s Cove in 1998 and how it affected his life for years to come.

With that article, combined with old logbooks written by those responsible for recovering the bodies from the sinking of the RMS Titanic Mike found while researching for his first record, and more recent events of tourists being lost to the waves at Peggy’s Cove, the lyrics and central idea for the song are built of all three characters of those events; the responder for Swissair 111, the responder for the RMS Titanic, and the responder who rescues the tourists that perish near Peggy’s Cove each year.

“It seemed to me to be a similar story from different eras, all with their own ways of coping and remembering. Several of the 8 songs on the album pay tribute to similar true tales that are dark and heavy in nature, depicted through the voice of a sympathetic narrator,” said Mike.

The album, which is set to be released in April 2020, was produced by 23-year-old Berklee graduate Quinn Bachand (Rosier, Kittle & Co, Brishen) with the talented hands of Jon Anderson (Andy Shauf, Aiden Knight, Foxwarren) on mixing and Philip Shaw Bova (Father John Misty, Feist, Bahamas) with mastering.

Be sure to listen and enjoy this track above and leave feedback below. Add this to your playlist.

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