Reignland Magazine, formally known as Gold Crwn Magazine, is an online and print publication that celebrates creators that reign over their craft. The publication was started in 2012 by web designer and journalist, Ella Audrey Rae and is on its 44th issue.

Reignland Creatives, also created by Ella Rae, is the housing company for the publication. Reignland Magazine speaks on lifestyle, fashion, music, and gaming. It’s main focus since its launch has been empowerment, more specifically, girl empowerment. Every publication contains articles about self-love or words from the featured creators about how they have gotten through tough times. The publication has been since over 100k +times and has featured creatives such as singers, voice-overs, actors and fashion icons. Reignland is the sub company of the all girls creative arts company 

Meet The Team

a small team of kick axx creators who are fans of music
and entertainment from around the world.

Ella Audrey Rae

Founder & Journalist

Shannon Williams

Head Of Photography

We're Based In Virginia, But Work With Companies + Creatives Worldwide. Have A Project Or Idea? Drop Us A Line.

We are always looking for new writers, models, photographers and companies to work with. Email us and we will defiantly get back with you in 24-48 hours.