Adult Programming Sugar Crashing


Adult Programming is back with a new single titled, ‘Sugar Crashing’.This song is a personal ode to my wife and about inhabiting a relationship that is post-honeymoon. This song was also mixed by Kevin Barnes from the legendary of Montreal. It has an electrifying synth melody with retro drum beats. You get lost in this cool wave of melodies that the song has. The vocals fit the tone of this track perfectly. It’s such a fun dance track and really makes you feel free.

Adult Programming is the fast-paced confessional archive of Miami musician and actor AJ Ruiz. Born out of a gut-wrenching response to the contracts of adulthood, Ruiz is dead set on freeing himself from the constraints of responsibility through his work. Influenced by Interpol, Talking Heads, and of Montreal, AP delivers indie rock aesthetics with a biting sense of humor. Ruiz is exploring the emotional tolls of personal responsibility as irresponsibly as possible.

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