Aimee Vant releases touching new single, “Gnight”


Aimee Vant released a touching new track called “Gnight” I can truly say this song touched me deeply! Every word became alive in my head. The soft tone of the vocals made me want to cry. The keyboard strokes, drums and guitar really set the stage for all my emotions. Never heard lyrics written so beautifully. Awesome job.

Speaking on the track, “Through my experiences of pain I’ve learned that true euphoria belongs to those who are brave enough not to grow up. To be able to see reality as a blank canvas rather than a brick wall is a limitless advantage. I hope ‘Gnight’ reminds listeners how important it is to protect your inner child.”

Her upcoming debut album, Everything Sucks :), highlights the strengths that lie in one’s weakest moments and the gifts that come with learning humility. It’s about accepting life for its complete lack of controllability and being liberated by it rather than confined.Be sure to listen to this track and please leave your feedback below. Add this beautiful track to your playlist today!

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