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Alicia Parker releases soothing new single, ‘Flow’

Alicia Parker releases soothing new single, ‘Flow’

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Alicia Parker is here to relieve some stress with her new single, ‘Flow’. The track is soothing and contains light and breezy vocals. The intimate guitar melody is perfect for her angelic vocals creating a soothing atmosphere for the singer. The track has relatable but sad lyrics about heartbreak.

“Flow was written during an introspective journey, fueled by heartbreak and change. It is about flowing with the phases of life, through the ups and downs of love and pain, successes and failures, and all of the moments that make us who we are. It is about holding onto the things in life that light us up, while letting go of what we cannot control.”, she explains. Hearing the emotions in her voice really pulls at your heartstrings but the way she releases each emotion kind of puts you at ease. I can’t wait to hear more from the artist.


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