Audriix releases new track “Crazy”


Audriix has released a new single from her “Status Change.” album named “Crazy”. The track tells the story of finding a love unlike anything experienced before.  The song describes the pain of a long-distance relationship and the euphoria of a love that is all-consuming.

In the fun music video, she begins by missing her love who is far away and then start daydreaming about him being with her. This daydream is depicted as an outstanding dance sequence that goes back and forth between showing playful, joyous love and intense lust, as they dance around a house going from room to room. (Her dance partner Brendon Chan is a dancer and George Eacker in Hamilton the musical.)

When it comes to pursuing her passion for music, Audriix is nothing less than a force of nature. Growing up in northern California, the singer/songwriter begged for violin lessons at age two and soon moved on to also mastering piano, viola, and singing (eventually adding guitar and drums as well). Having started writing songs at age six, she later self-produced her first batch of material in the midst of earning three degrees from Stanford University.

On her full-length debut Status Change, Audriix brings her voice to a brightly edgy brand of pop built on massive choruses and effervescent melodies. The follow-up to Audriix’s 2015 debut EP Colors, Status Change examines heartache and infatuation and enduring romance, all with fearless honesty.  “None of these songs portray the woman as the victim,” she says. “It’s all about being strong and standing up for yourself. I hope that listeners come away feeling empowered to do whatever they set their minds to.”


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