BAUGARD releases “A Sombra”


Music duo, Baugard has released a new amazing track. ‘A Sombra’ . It is the 5th track released by the duo. The duo consist of Pablo Schmal and Mikolaj
Leesinsky. Accoding to the duo, ‘A Sombr’  is about the search for the rarest love.

They said this in a press release about the song “When I had the task of writing what would become A Sombra I had a lot of weight on my shoulders. Mikolaj and I had originally written the track entirely in english, and it really meant a lot to both of us. I just knew that we wanted to have a deeply personal song on this EP and it
wouldn’t be straight from the heart if it wasn’t in Spanish, this together with me wanting to surpass the quality of the english lyrics meant I put a lot of pressure on myself. It was all this stress that forced me to take a break and facetime my girlfriend who was in Mexico while I was in London. This call led to the realization of the bond we had and how there were times in the past my love for someone wasn’t reciprocated, times when I gave more than I received. It is why I wrote A Sombra in a way that doesn’t ask or seek anything of its listener, it’s meant to simply encapsulate a singular moment in time of perfect balance between two people. Like when the shadows of two different street lamps perfectly overlap and you can’t tell one apart from the other.”

Be sure to listen to the traxk above and leave feedback.

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