Brian Kroll releases classic Halloween rock track ‘Everyday Is Halloween (In My World)’


Brian Kroll has created a new theme song for Halloween and it’s a must for your favorite spooky day of the year. ‘Every Day Is Halloween (In My World)’ combines all the epic elements of 90’s grunge and Misfits-inspired horror punk to arrive at a doomsday anthem with solid drums and chunky guitars, accompanied by solid rock vocals. There aren’t many Halloween songs, so this is the perfect anthem for such a scary holiday.

According to Brian, the idea for the song grew out of a grey, no-good day that got him to thinking that celebrating Halloween is a bit of a joke when every day feels like the day of the dead. “I had the music ready to go – I was working on creating a Ramones-inspired doom sound, so when I went in for my weekly song-writing session with Mike Wuerth (who laid down vocals and bass on the track, and produced it), I just gave into the greyness and went for it. I closed my eyes, opened my mind and went with whatever came into my head – lyrics, sentence fragments, free associations around old ideas. The song came together from that organic flow.”

Brian is a musician, songwriter and producer from Long Island, NY, USA. Born in Kew Gardens, just down the road from Forest Hills that spawned the Ramones, Brian was raised in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island to the sound of turn tables, tape decks, loud concerts and the incessant prattle of psychoanalysts.

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