British producer and guitarist Beau Diako releases debut EP featuring emawk, Totu, Raelee Nikole, Jordan Rakei and Claudia Bouvette


British producer, songwriter and guitarist Beau Diako follows debut single “Buttermilk” and sophomore offering “Flutter ft, Raelee Nikole with his third and final single “Flamingo” ft. Jordan Rakei. The track consist of smooth vocals and instrumental that makes you wanna dance all day.

“Flamingo is probably the closest I can get to making a pop song. It was written quite a few years ago and was one of the first full tracks I made and produced. I was still in a zone of trying to make music that was bright and accessible after a previous project, and wanted something that people could move to. It was fun to make some hectic guitar layers sound simple and light whilst using weird foley sounds to replace drums to go along with the tropical imagery I had for the song.

A few months later I sent this track to my friend Jordan Rakei after we had been writing for his album Origin, and he came back with the perfect vocal.” – Beau Diako

“It’s always great working with Beau. He’s always been the secret piece to a lot of other people’s music, and it’s so good to jump on his debut release! It’s his time to shine!”- Jordan Rakei

The self-taught musician takes influences from a diverse range of artists such as Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, James Blake, Joanna Newsom, while exploring a range of genres- from indie, jazz, folk, electronic and soul music – all which is evident in his genre-defying sound.


Beau Diako

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