Casii Stephan is hoping for better days in powerful new single, ‘Trapeze Artist’


Casii Stephan will move you in her latest single, Trapeze Artist. The phenomenal pop track is a breath of fresh air to the music industry. Her vocals are joyus to listen to and create a feel-good atmosphere on first listen. With each poetic lyric, she sings her pain and with each word sing, you feel it as if it was your own. The Cincinnati’s piano in the beginning really hooks you as it builds you up for the beautiful and catchy chorus.

According to her press release, Stephan’s latest single “Trapeze Artist” was inspired after scrolling through her social feeds and seeing the highs and lows of humanity. The songwriter reveals, “From finding love to accounts of racism. It’s all there and it makes one feel like a trapeze artist swinging back and forth. It’s a growth process to know how to process all of this information and what to do with it and know what I can reasonably do in the community I’m in. No one person can change the world”.

Casii Stephan has seen success both obtaining and being nominated for multiple awards from the likes of Independent Music Awards, Hollywood Music in Media Awards and USA Songwriting Competition to name a few. She also heads a female-fronted festival entitled MisFEST in Tulsa, which has gained recognition both locally and nationally.

An underlying theme throughout Stephan’s music is hope, she explains, “It’s such a cliched word and yet there are so many layers to it. Hope keeps us alive. It keeps us moving. But it also feels flighty some days like a pixie that does what it wants. But it’s not a pixie. It’s more like the air we breathe. Some days it’s presence is stronger than we realize and some days we forget in our day-to-day lives that it’s there… keeping us moving forward”.

We are hoping with you Casii.

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