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A time for love, laughter and the exchanging of hurried gifts at slightly discounted prices. Happy Valentines day one and all. It’s not all fun and games though. Spare a thought for the non-romantics, the loveless pedantics and those who will be busy celebrating singles awareness day. 

We’ve hand picked some fantastic stories from some amazing artists, running us through their best anti-valentines day stories: 

Alicia Madison

In reality, love is not always rainbows and butterflies, so this song sheds the light on a toxic relationship that you keep coming back to, because there’s still hope that things will change; but old habits remain and the dangerous cycle continues. 

Alicia says “I’ve had relationships with people who I knew I could never be with long term”; but breaking the vicious cycle is the most difficult part. It was never love, just lust. 

Valentine’s Day, an overhyped holiday, is celebrated by more couples who are lusting, rather than in love. 


Valentine’s day has never been very successful for me. It has even been, a few times, the pivotal moment toward a break up or even the break up itself. 

One of my favourites is still getting broken up with, on Valentines day, in a Weatherspoon. I don’t think you are truly a Londoner until you break up in a Weatherspoon. It’s the “burger + beer for £5” displays, the somehow signature Weatherspoon’s carpet and Robbie Williams on the playlist that really sets the scene for a truly special experience. I also think I shouldn’t have ordered the fish and chips before we started talking.

Honourable mention to another one ; The relationship is withering a bit and I decide to make a good effort for Valentine’s day. I spend my entire day in Westfield picking some gifts. I take the tube with my bags full of Lush and L’Occitane products and my heart full of hopes. I get distracted on my phone in the tube. I forget all my bags in the tube. I realise this 100m from my Partner’s door, panics, tries to call and plead with TFL lost items service and run back to the station. Of course it’s too late, all is lost. I arrive late at my date with a dubious “My dog ate my homework” story. That was the last Valentines day we had together.

Last one is about last year’s Valentines day which I spent recluse in my room by myself. I was working on Issermann and didn’t do much else for the entire year to be honest. I’m pretty sure I was actually working on my debut single “Throated” on that day. So far, definitely one of my better Valentine’s Day I’ve had.

Jay Q The Legend

Many years ago, I was dating a beautiful European woman, teaching English in Soviet Azerbaijan. Our love was new, and we were excited to plan our first Valentine’s Day together in the Central Asian metropolis.  

I love adventure and romance, and although the planning was challenging, it was worth every effort to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my new girlfriend, Sonya. Expedited visas, medical tests, and government clearance were pre-requisites for travel, and the travel itself, well, was quite an uncharted route… New Orleans to Baku! After many hours by plane, I found myself on a train from Leningrad to Moscow, before boarding an Aeroflot flight to the Azerbaijani capital. 

Unfortunately, the supposed 8-hour train ride ended up being 18 hours, and I missed my connection in Moscow to Baku. Thankfully, a youngman, who found my dreads and western fashion intriguing took me under his wing and helped me book the next rickety Aeroflot flight to Baku. I finally reached Sonya at noon on Valentines Day, a bit exhausted and extremely hungry, but nevertheless excited. We ran into each other’s arms with such joy, the 6-week separation had felt like 2 years. Our Valentine’s Day started with a late afternoon dinner, which turned mysterious very quickly. We would order and instead of the waiter telling us that they didn’t have anymore of the food, they simply didn’t acknowledge us… seemingly for hours. It was odd, but we finally found something the kitchen would bring us, but by that time it was getting late. We had to rush through the dining room so that we could get to the movie, 50 Shades of Gray.  We were both excited to see the film, heard so much about it, and it was part of our Valentine’s Day plan from the beginning. However, the movie ended up being in Turkish, and neither of us could understand a word. Needless to say, our epic Valentine’s Day was lackluster, and so became the relationship. I have learned my lesson, and now I am  a hopeless romantic every day of the year EXCEPT on Feb. 14th! 

Reece Lemonius


One of the most prominent memories I have of Valentine’s Day is back around 2014 / 2015. At the time, I was dating a girl I’d met through a good friend and at this point we’d been dating for only a few weeks. So as it’s Valentine’s Day, you go out and so things “couples” or Valentines do. Now, we were out in her local area, not too far from where I lived but far enough for me not to ever go there. We started at a bar, then went to another before finally heading to the restaurant we’d booked (where she saw an old acquaintance but someone she hadn’t spoken to for a while). So we’re chilling in this restaurant, drinking, eating, laughing blah blah blah. 

When all of a sudden her face drops and of course I’m wondering why, then she says something to the effect of, “Oh my god…my ex-boyfriend is here”. I turn around and see a group of four guys walking in, all unfamiliar to me with one leading the charge barging through the staff and security with his eyes locked on mine screaming “I’m going to smash your face in”… oh joy. I couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that the person we’d bumped into earlier didn’t know she had started dating someone else and decided to give the ex a call to find out. 

Ending this story, the security staff caught up with them and ushered them all back outside. Days after this event I decided to take a step back as it was evident someone couldn’t let go and I wasn’t really in the mood to fight over a girl I barely knew. So, happy Valentine’s Day!


Ive always celebrated Valentine’s Day differently. It was never really a day for “Lovers” or “Couples” for me. Since I was a kid Valentine’s Day was always just a day to show extra appreciation for those you love like family or friends. But then I grew older and became more aware of the pressure society puts on us for Valentine’s Day. Spending lots of money on gifts or fancy restaurants are nice, but for me that doesn’t show how much you love someone. So I don’t really play into the Valentine’s Fad. I don’t need it to be a certain day of the year for me to show my love & appreciation for those around me and I certainly don’t need to do it with over expensive gifts / dinner


OH HERE WE GO, Valentine’s Day, another day of social tradition for the sake of it. I’m a hopeless romantic myself, so to my dismay Cupid’s got my heart in a persistent clamp. However, ironically I’ve forgotten Valentine’s Day annually and I intend to perpetually. I mean, £50 on a bottle of champagne, a bed layered with fresh red rose petals, and an ostentatious heart-shaped box of queasy Thornton’s chocolates? Really? But enough of my opinion, enjoy the 14th through your rose tinted specs, because I’m sure it’ll make you feel miraculously more in love with your other half. Then you can switch back to a dispassionate droid-like state for the rest of the year fellas…

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