Chris Assaad has released a fantastic new track called “Lion”


Chris Assaad has released a fantastic new track called “Lion” Chris Assaad is a multi-talented artist, quadrilingual (English, French, Italian & Arabic), singer- songwriter, inspirational wordsmith and speaker. One of the best kept secrets of the conscious music community and an emerging leader of the burgeoning wellness & transformation movement, Chris is so much more than just a recording and performing artist. I love the sound of the horns at the beginning of this great song! This music is fantastic! The drums and the bass are a sexy combination in this song with it’s slow tempo. The vocals with background harmony is unbelievable. I enjoyed this song so much! The lyrics are especially great because so many of us need those words today. Absolutely a great song. Check it out! Please share your feedback below. Add this to your playlist today.

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