Cigarettes and Milk share new folk tune titled, ‘July’


Cigarettes and Milk is here to share his new single full of stories titled, ‘July’. The track has such a soothing guitar pluck sound that creates this calming atmosphere for the listener. It’s almost like you are sitting around a campfire listening to old stories. His unique and raw vocals help him create his own sound. When you hear that voice, you know who is behind it. It has such emotion in it and as he sings you hear a certain kind of urgency. This track depicts a time when he was on the road with a friend, aimless and content with his surroundings. Within the lyrics, he describes it in such detail, that you can almost see it yourself.

After re-jigging his musical persona into Cigarettes and Milk in 2013, Przekop released two albums; now, he’s working on his third, from which brand new single July hails. It functions as an ode to Przekop’s days of traveling, detailing a time when he was on the road with a friend with no clear destination in mind, traveling in an old car through Santa Barbara on the 4th of July on the first rainy day in months. I’m glad he decided to try music because he’s something new and his story and direction are intriguing. I can’t wait to hear more from him.


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