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Danny Bowens released a great new track called “Stoned & Alone”

Danny Bowens released a great new track called “Stoned & Alone”


Danny Bowens has released a new track called “Stoned & Alone” this track is for those who can understand the story. The music is good and the beat and vocals are pretty good as well. ” This song is a nostalgic reminiscing of smoking weed with my friends back when times were simpler and we were all closer. While recording the song, it brought out emotions in me I was unaware I had. It was crazy powerful. I was sad that I moved across the country far away from my friends, family, girlfriend and even a friend who has passed away. At its core, this song is for everyone I’ve ever shared a joint with, experience with, or emotion with that’s no longer around to share with me. A memory of simpler times, it embodies the lows and highs I’ve been feeling being on my own in LA. ” he said about the track.

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