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Dirtsa Music has released an awesome new track called “Straight Out Of France”

Dirtsa Music has released an awesome new track called “Straight Out of France” Dirtsa is a 22 year old Franco-Cameroonian artist whose music is a melange of lo-fi r’n’b and afro-trap with a marked anglophone influence. Switching effortlessly between ballads and club bangers, her self-awareness and her readiness to challenge the status quo makes her an emerging artist to watch. The track deals with swimming against the tide, rising above everything and everyone trying to keep you from blooming, embracing, accepting and loving yourself. I liked the heavy bass and beat and the vocals are good. The rapping is different than what I’m used to hearing but it works for her. I liked the video as well, it gives the song more clarity to understand what it’s about, Good job. Be sure to listen to the track above and leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.

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