Don Barclay release an inspiring new track titled, “Stronger”


Hailing from rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Don Barclay relocated in 2018 to Kent in order to concentrate on music and performing. He’s here to add some inspiration to your playlist with his new single, ‘Stronger’. The wonderful sound of the acoustic guitar starts this song and I love it. The smooth sounds of the vocals held my attention during the entire song. I enjoyed the drums too. It’s a gentle song with a lot of heart.

Discussing the release, Don Barclay explains:

Stronger is about two people coming together in difficult times and sparking a passion for each other. It speaks of memories ingrained in us from childhood and moving forward in a strong and positive way and using any pain felt from the past as fuel to move on. Another concept is – ‘burn yesterday and bring tomorrow home’-  One of the lyrics from the song.  I once had a dream where my father and I spoke about life then he simply said ‘Now I gotta go’. He passed when I was 17 and I use this in the song lyrics. The song is about hope, passion and strength to be the best version of yourself. Ultimately –  ‘Love’ 

Positively uplifting. Enjoyed it very much. Check it out and leave your thoughts below. Add this to your playlist.


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