EL.SY. has released a perfect traveling song called “On The Road”


EL.SY. shares a great track called “On the Road” It’s perfect for reflecting on the road when traveling. I love the harmony and the acoustic guitar as it meshes so well with the beautiful vocals. So mellow and relaxing to listen to.

“I’ve always cherished the feeling of stealing quiet moments while traveling, free from the distractions of everyday life. You’re almost forced to be in a meditative state, especially sitting on a bus through the countryside or a plane 30,000 ft. in the air (at least before Wifi and in-flight movies). There is a lovely calm to being in motion, staring out the window at passing scenes, that almost feels like being in a dream. I want the listener to have that sense of freedom and wonder when they listen to “On The Road.”, she says.

This track is part of a full 7-song LP “Wanderer” that will be out sometime in the spring or summer of this year. According to her press release, it ties into her story of being a ‘musical wanderer,’ or being true to all of the sides of yourself.

The track was Co-produced by EL.SY. and up-and-coming Swedish singer-songwriter/producer LiLL.Be sure to listen to the beautiful lyrics above and please leave your feedback below. Add this track to your playlist.

Get the track: spotify.com, music.apple.com, youtube.com

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/sheiselsy/

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