Enigmatic Swedish collective INTET release new single ‘Blind’


It’s been two years since their first single “Rebels” racked up nearly three million streams on Spotify and now the Swedish constellation INTET are back with the cinematic ‘Blind’

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The mysterious creators from Stockholm (a collective of designers, artists and producers) keep a low profile, with the ambition to keep the focus on their music and art, rather than the people behind it; their way of challenging the music industry’s ever-growing, narcissistic culture.

INTET’s frontman shrouds his face with a mask made of yarn, creating an unpleasant, yet vulnerable character that reinforces a notion of loneliness and longing. The mask is open to interpretation, but their music is for sure: melancholic pop tunes and imposing choirs that make you feel something, driven by synthetic arpeggios and memorable basslines. 

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