Godz $on has released a strong positive message called “Godz Kid$”


Godz $on has released “Godz Kid$” His name is Joseph Deschamps also known as Godz $on. This track is heavy with bass and strong drums, the skilled rapping is obvious as it connects to the vocals. The positive lyrics really set off this fantastic storyline. I really enjoyed it. He spoke on the inspiration behind the track, “No weapon formed against us shall ever prosper (Isaiah 54:17). This is one of many promises that God provides for those who are in Christ serving Jesus as lord. I wrote this song Godz Kid$ inspired by the revelation of who’s we are in Christ and how God fights for his children.”

He continued, “Persecution is a promise from God that a lot of people do not want to accept. As for believers, God said it so we accept it. I decided to write a song that embraces persecution instead of avoiding it. One verse (God might send some elephants down to tear down your home) is based on a true story. In 2007 Orissa, India there was a down that was savagely attacked and killed by a group of persecutors against Christianity. A year later the exact day of the attack a herd of wild elephants came from the wilderness and destroyed the homes and property of key leaders to the attackers. This is what it means for God to fight for us. We may be down for a second, but we win in the minute.” Check it out for yourself and please leave your thoughts below, Add it to your playlist.

Get the track: music.apple.com, youtube.com, deezer.com, spotify.com

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