Green Calico shares new epic EP titled, ‘Green Calico’


Multi-instrumentalist composer, Justin Guzzwell is back with a new project titled, Green Calico’. The four track extended play has such a mixture of genres infused together that it’s something you never heard before. The first track set the whole project ablaze with it’s electronic jazzy mixture of melodies perfectly placed behind the soothing vocals and background harmonies. The second track takes a slightly more calmer touch it’s melodies and vocals. The third track goes full jazz with it’s smooth drums and subtle bass. The vocals send chills down your spine with it’s airy elements and harmonies.

This project and EP were created during the COVID lockdown. He stated, “I typically work in collaborative projects which were all put on hold, and I found myself with a lot of free time to explore the ways I typically make music. It is very personal in subject matter, and the glitchy, synthetic production reflects the growing sense I had of being cut off from the real world.”

I really admire the jazz influence on this project but also the adding of other genres that work so well with jazz if people just tried blending. The closing to the EP was perfect. It felt like a beautiful goodbye to an exceptional track.

Justin relocated to Montreal in 2010 after receiving a Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition. He spent the following years in creative exploration, performing in various alternative and experimental music groups (Syngja, People On Pause, Blasted), while expanding his boundaries through other collaborative efforts (the “New Spring” multi-disciplinary residency in Iceland in 2017).

A multi-faceted musician and piano teacher, he was shortlisted for the Gonzervatory in 2017 (a creative workshop/residency hosted by famed composer and performer Chilly Gonzales), and had the opportunity to adjudicate the junior piano competition at the 2018 Kiwanis Music Festival in central Newfoundland (where he performed as a kid).

In fall 2019, he co-composed the soundtrack for the documentary “Sisters: Dreams and Variations”, which continued to be screened in various festivals around the globe. I am now and a fan and you will be too. Listen above and leave your feedback below.


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