JW FrancisIs releases a funky pop song entitled “Is That the One”


JW FRANCISLS releases ‘Is That The One” , a funky ,80’s rock vibe with a bit of jazz sprinkled in and a funky guitar solo to create a phenomenal mix.

“Every day on my walk home from work I call my grandma and tell her about my day. I live in New York, but I’m from Oklahoma which is where my grandma resides. I wrote this song for her. ” – JW Francisls

Born in Tulsa Oklahoma, raised in Paris, France, and now based in New York City, JW Francis brings a warm, affable vibe to frigid New York. The 25 year old songwriter makes music for people, to people, whether crooning about his love for his best friend (“Joe Fusco”) or telling jokes between songs at one of his live shows.

After putting in his time supporting other artists—running a music magazine, Rare Candy, and a recording studio, CU Records—Francis set off to make art of his own, imprinted with a genuine love for others.



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