Keeana Kee has released a beautiful new track called “Genius”


Keeana Kee released an awesome new track called “Genius” I loved the way the keyboard created such a great sound. The heavy beat is a nice touch, it connects so well to the vocals, Loved the background harmony. The lyrics are nice to sing along to. The vibe is sexy to dance to. Great work.

What inspired “Genius”

“Genius” along with my recent release “Shoot Me Up” was inspired when I was on a road trip in Arizona. Long hours in the car means you have enough time to dive deep into your feelings and memories. Mountains and desert sands have so much to say and in connection with the mind and soul something magical may be born. Many of us were in a position of being put in a friend zone and heartbreak. “Genius” is my creative response to anyone who experiences that today.

Be sure to listen to this track above and please leave feedback below. Add this to your playlist today.

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