Kenna Static


Here’s a private link for you to check out the track before release.
This release will be the first of many, as I move into a new season of music. I will be releasing one song per month and this year will culminate with a four song EP. I will be continuing to release a song per month through 2021. 

Kenna links:

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Artist Bio – 

Kenna is an Indie/Pop artist navigating life in Nashville, TN. She deeply trusts in the power of growth and healing through music. Her music creates a brave space of depth and meaning, combining heartfelt lyrics with memorable melodies and catchy rhythms.

Kenna is an LGBTQIA+ identifying artist who stands for unapologetically living her truth. She feels passionate about using her art and platform to bring awareness to social justice issues at large. She wants to use her voice to help others understand that we should never change ourselves for anyone. Her music creates an organic balance of Indie, Pop and acoustic elements while drawing inspiration from influences like Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, and modern artists like MUNA, HAIM and Maggie Rogers and Mat Kearney.

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