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Khemet McConville releases new single, ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’

Khemet McConville releases new single, ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’

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Khemet McConville is back with a new single, “Don’t Hold Your Breath”. This song is a mixture of pop and smooth R&B melodies. It comes with the circumabience of Brian Eno, the head-bobby pulse of Tame Impala all held together by a grungy baseline. The way he sings certain words reminds me of the way Michael Jackson did when he sang and it’s very intriguing honestly. His voice seems to fit any genre and brings something different to the music scene that I haven’t heard before. His range is beautiful and holds so much emotion.

While studying in the Citrus College music program he performed professional gigs with both the Citrus Pop music band and Jazz combo throughout Southern California including at the prestigious Directors Guild of America.

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