Kirsty Almeida releases beautiful new single ‘Dance With Me’


Dance with me is the new single from singer-songwriter Kirsty Almeida. It is on her new album Moonbird being released on Feb 7th. This would be her first studio album since 2014. The track is very beautiful and shares a touching story.

“For me, this video is about the balance of the feminine and the masculine within us all, bringing our deep and hidden parts to the light for love, a dance within us all to allow a balance between our emotions and our egoic mind, a journey to bring ourselves to our own healing, reaching the parts of us internally that have been exiled and daring to shine a light on them. Funnily enough, we couldn’t get hold of a smoke machine so I burnt Sage, Myrhh and Frankincense in the cave and that combined with it being Easter Sunday seems to make it feel very biblical! There was so much magic in the cave, we all felt it.” Explains Kirsty. 

The elegant visual features dancers, Nathan Conroy and Carolina Parreira. It tells a beautiful story and helps reunite a ballerina who lost her confidence back with her first love, dance.

When discussing the album she says, ‘This album debuts the real me,’ Almeida states, ‘the warrior, the artist, the wizard, the girl, the broken, the found and the re-birthed.’

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