KRIS WOODBIRD shares new soothing track, ‘I AM LOVE’


Kris Woodbird shares his new folk single, ‘I Am Love’. The soothing track showcases Kris’s ability to take a story and make it feel like home. The intimate guitar plucks really flows so nicely with his voice. “The song is about love, and the hope that humans will change and focus on what is important.”, he states. This is perfect for a morning playlist or sitting on the porch chilling with friends.

According to his bio, he focused on vocals and writing and with Magnus Karnock as a partner, he formed the indieelectronic band Wan Light. They made 2 albums 2 eps and one single released on the label Labrador records just to make there latest record on there own label 2013

Kris also is a part of the art project Krister & Alm and released one ep with the Paris located deephouseartist Bowyer Hawks in spring 2016 on Beat rude records Uk.

Kris released the single alien & river on wood&birdrec in september 2016 and that was the beginning of the journey for Kris Woodbird. I can’t wait to hear more.


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