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Kyd Money releases new hip hop single, ‘No Chill’

Kyd Money releases new hip hop single, ‘No Chill’

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LA based rapper, Kyd Money is back with a summer track, titled, ‘No Chill’. The track has an instant hitting base that is perfect for car rides and clubs. His flow is aggressive and brings that underground hip hop feel to this song. His lyrics also has some great punch lines as well.

In 2015, inspired by studio sessions with St. Louis based rapper Woodatruth, Sedale began experimenting with his own songs. There was an instant connection, and by the end of 2015 Sedale’s first mixtape, Huntin Season, was born under the moniker Lil Hunt.   

In 2016 he released his first album honoring his California roots, Cali Vibin’, under his independently owned record label, Millicrew, formed by a brotherhood of artists including Woodatruth, Ebfromsac, and Kenny. Cali Vibin’ received positive press coverage nationwide. During this time Sedale joined the Army and had been deployed around the world; it was his time in Afghanistan that led to exponential growth, learning, and a new perspective on life. 

After his return from Afghanistan, Sedale settled in Hawaii and changed his name to Kyd Money. He released his self-titled track “Kyd Money,” followed by “Bossed Up” and “Klap,” gaining over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. Be sure to add your feedback below.

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