Laura Belyea’s ‘The Minister’s Daughter’ Questions Faith and Family in 2020


Canadian singer-songwriter Laura Belyea returns with an amazing country track, with fire single, ‘Minister’s Daughter’ The track has a rebel kind of vibe with a retro rock sound that is intoxicating but real. Her vocals are light but aggressive as she speaks her raw and honest truth.

‘Minister’s Daughter’ was written by a former bandmate of Belyea’s from her band SCOBO. It was first written from a male perspective, but upon hearing Belyea singing it, the pair realised that a females vocals provided a completely new perspective to the track, which was especially powerful given the churches lack of acceptance of gay rights.

The track tells the story of dating a Minister’s daughter, who is depicted as a sweet angel in front of her parents, but who in reality was a train wreck, revelling and rebelling with a love for illegal drugs. Dating the minister’s daughter gave the writer, and the listener, a unique insight into how the church took advantage of people’s faith, to which Belyea notes that the song “is about how religion has controlled and exploited people’s faith for financial gain, oppression, misogyny, racism and homophobia”. 

Belyea mentions that ‘The Minister’s Daughter’ is one of many politically-charged tracks from her upcoming album. Stating that “all the songs have angry and rebellious fuelled lyrics and themes to them” covering a broad spectrum from “political, environmental, female empowerment, relationships and self exploration. Writing songs is a way for me to vent my frustrations and challenge the status quo”. I love old school raw rock like this. I can’t wait for more music.


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