Lee Smythe has released a dark great new track called “Breathe Again”


Lee Smythe has released a dark country track called “Breathe Again” The song is upbeat in a way yet sad or dark in another way. I think it’s a great tune. That main guitar piece in this track got stuck in my head it was nice along with the keyboard. The vocals and lyrics were all wonderfully blended. It’s fun to listen to.

He said this about the track, ‘The funnest times are when you’re sitting with a song, and it starts to do it’s own thing and become its own personality. I set out to do a fast and fun country song built around that little picking melody, but it just magically became this stripped-down, ghosty, arrhythmic poetry reading.

Check it out. Be sure to listen and enjoy the track above and please consider leaving your feedback below.

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