Lex Leosis has released an inspiring new track called “GEMINI” that will lift your spirits


Lex Leosis released a bad new track called “Gemini”, a deeply personal message for every bisexual person who has been asked to choose aside. 

I loved it!! Heavy bass, a timely and cool beat, fantastic vocals all count for a very successful hit. The lyrics are groundbreaking and speaks volumes. Great job on this project. This will inspire many who feel like they can’t fully be themeselves.

The song stemmed from a conversation I had with a woman, who stated that, she “didn’t date bisexual woman because they always go back to men”….I had an ex partner who is a Gemini, that had similar feelings, so when she said that, I just held on to this frustration, both past and present, until I got home, and then wrote both verses in like 45 minutes. The analogy of the two sides of a Gemini, and bisexuality just came naturally with the story. This song inspired me to live in my truth. To come out to my family, to the world. For so long I felt like I had to choose. I hope that this song makes someone feel heard, and understood.” – Lex Leosis 

Be sure to enjoy this track above and please leave feedback below. Add this to your favorite playlist.

Get the track: youtube.com, spotify.com

Connect: http://facebook.com/lexleosis

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