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Lili K writes a letter to the Chicago music scene after #SurvivingRKelly series ‘Help Protect Us’ ​

Lili K writes a letter to the Chicago music scene after #SurvivingRKelly series ‘Help Protect Us’ ​

Ella Rae

After the final episode of the #SurvivingRKelly aired, the world of social media has been some what divided with celebrities speaking out, fans of the accused retracting their support and woman who also have a story to share. One of those celebrities happens to be singer/songwriter Lili K. A smooth vocalist from Chicago.

Lili K took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the series as well as a little about her own experiences. Without going into detail , she explained why the series caused her to speak now even though she is not fully ready to tell her story. She said the series caused her to have a panic attack and writing helps. She posted this via Instagram.

In this small letter she not only cited her frustration with the music industry and people who book these predators but also having to watch her own city rally behind them.A day after the letter was posted, she took to Twitter to announce that a song on her album ‘Planet Of The Flowers’ will specifically speak on her abusive relationship. “I have a song on my new album called Sweet Sweet Water. The title alludes to cleansing holy water & it’s the 1st time I’ve specifically addressed abusive relationships w/ men in my music. After speaking my piece yesterday, and the rain falling down today, I feel so fucking good.” – Twitter

We salute you Lilli K! Continue to inspire others with your music and your story. It will empower others to speak out behind you.

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