Lo-ghost “Know What You Want” from them in their single


‘I Know What You Want From Me’, the final single off the pop duo’s second album, is a deeply personal confrontation with what it means to live a life that is systematically rejected as abnormal. You can hear her the soul and power in the vocalist as she sings over an amazing instrumental.

Cape Town alt/cult-pop duo Lo-ghost (Shannon Devy and Evan Strauss) started their journey mid-2016 with a stunning debut video release for “Ghost in a Blood Machine”, the lead single off their first EP “Mother”. A manifestation of the interplay between love and shame, the video was performed and choreographed by Chester Martinez (FKA Twigs, “Honey 2”) and Devon Marshbank. The work was picked up and featured by media outlets across the continent.

Get the track here: https://song.link/us/i/1479416486

Connect here: https://lo-ghost.bandcamp.com/

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