Mark Akol & KA$HCPT tap into their Kanye vibes in new single ‘Like Yeezy’


Producer Mark Akol and rapper KA$HCPT definitely tapped into thier Yezzy with this new hip hop track ‘Like Yeezy’. The bass-heavy hip hop melody with switches between sonic intensities and rap flows shows how diverse they really are and gives the listener a new wave of sound thats, not the norm but an instant banger.

“I played the beat for KA$H & asked him what he thought… KA$HCPT replied : It makes me wanna spazz out on my Kanye sh**!!!”

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That is exactly what they did following a discussion between Producer Mark Akol & rapper/singer KA$HCPT about the subject and the sounds in the beat. Like Yeezy, sees Mark Akol draw parallels between himself & Kanye West in his Yeezy Era. He was experimenting with heavy gritty sounds at the time and thought of the most diverse, edgy and resilient rapper to accompany the audio in KA$HCPT.

KA$HCPT further added: “It was a great opportunity to put together a joint that showcases Cape Town’s versatility and crafty lyrical prowess blended with sonic rath”.

Mark Akol Is A Producer And DJ Based in Cape Town South Africa. He has exercised his trade as a DJ since 2014 and declared his interest in producing officially in late 2017.

He has released 2 singles off his upcoming project (5 singles since producing) to date and continues to play Club and Festival Set around South Africa.

Mark is also a Radio enthusiast, working on campus radio (UCT Radio) for 5 years and being nominated for Best Afternoon Drive and Night Time Show Awards. Following this spell, Mark then joined YFM for a year and a half, where he also frequently stood in on the stations premium mix show (The YTKO) as a mix.

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