Michael Kurowski releases debut single, ‘Swim Slowly’


Michael Kurowski has released his debut single titled, ‘Swim Slowly”. The upbeat lighthearted single has a very simple concept but makes impactful statements when it comes to caring about others. This single has a sick bass guitar that keeps the track going adding that bit of flavor we love. His vocals are so soft and very compassionate it as you get to the chrous. I love this track so powerful.

“We all have that one friend. The one we care about so much but doesn’t ever take your advice. There’s so much potential, but they don’t ever feel like hustling. You give them the same advice over and over again, but they stay stuck in their pool of pity instead of the swim to the edge where they could climb out. It’s about watching this person drown in a 3-foot deep pool.” he explained.

Get the track on your favorite streaming service now.

Get the track: deezer.com, youtube.com, music.apple.com

Connect: https://www.michaelkurowski.net/

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