Monopol Boyz think “We Could All Be Free” in new single


The new single, “We Could All Be Free” from Monopol Boyz is an alternative rock song with some blues, surf, grunge and vibes.

According to the group this song is both a love song and a reminder for everyone that you can choose how you want to live your life. “With this song we want to remind everyone to open up their eyes and choose the things you love first.” They said about the meaning behind the song.


They previously released singe – El Gringo, which was submitted to Spotifys editorial list ”Just Rock”, and the single – “Together Forever”. “Together Forever” has been played on Spotify but mostly at Swedens national radio station  where it has been number one in the contest ”Topplistan” for eight weeks.

All of the singles will end up with a album this spring and some festival gigs.

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