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Mulatto has defiantly shaken the rap game up over the last year with much success in her independent projects before signing with RCA. In her new freestyle, ‘No Hook’, she speaks on everything from the Rap Game, to her family life. The visual showcases Mullato in her naturally curly hair speaking on her struggles and how she’s going to continue to fight through. You can’t be mad at a queen speaking her truth. We listed the main points in the song below.

Her Case

Mulatto was booked in 2019 for an alleged theft situation. On the track she says, “Dropped ten bands to beat a case that I ain’t do (Yeah) / How the fuck they book me for some shit with no proof? (Shit cap) / Bitch, I ain’t forgot how y’all was clownin’, but it’s cool / I’ma sue and gets the last laugh on ’em when I’m through” She made a freestyle titled “F**ck Rice Street,” expressing her innocence and anger toward the police after she was let go.

Her most recent relationship

Her latest public relationship was with rapper Bandit Gang Marco in 2017. The two dated for two years before ending things. She never fully came out with a statement or anything regarding it. However she finally was ready stating, “Two-year relationship, that nigga really owe me (Pussy) / Bitch, I want my time back, bruises, had to hide that / I thought I was pregnant, to this day, I’m thanking God for that” She then continues towards the end, “Shouldn’t have made the tape, he keep on threatenin’ to leak shit / I let a nigga break me, now I’m pickin’ up the pieces (Yeah)”

The Rap Game

For a long time, people wondered If Mulatto signed after winning the reality show and in her new single, she lets it be known that she did not stating in her lyrics, “Fuck the rap game, still happy I ain’t sign that / No sleep, when I land, headed straight to soundcheck” Mulatto turned down a deal with Jermaine Dupri and remained independent, releasing music and doing shows on her own accord before signing to RCA Records.

On Her Family

In the song, she speaks on the relationships within her inner circle. According to her lyrics, her brother is currently locked up making Mullato feel like a piece of her is missing. She also states her bond with her dad was broken due to money and the industry. On a good note, she states that her sister and thier bond are good and will always stay that way.

On her name ‘Mulatto

For many years people have found that her name ‘Mulatto’ was offensive and she should change it. Mullato has always stated that she has taken on the name to redefine the meaning to something positive. Stating in the song, “As a kid, feelin’ too black for the white folks / Ain’t changin’ my name, disagree and you can die slow”

Overall the song speaks volumes on how strong Mulatto is and how great she will be. Her flow is fire, the lyrics are relatable and the video does the song much justice. Watch the video above and react below or comment on your feedback.

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