My Real Name Is Starship! releases a new smooth track entitled “Clay Pigeons” (Prod. Dassai)


This song is a result of several months hard work from a relationship that spans borders and was founded through Soundcloud. Dassai and My Real Name Is Starship! encountered each other late one Xmas Eve and since that day have had a continuing creative relationship. They have finally released a join track and its haven, an alt-hip-hop masterpiece with a jagged bass line, relatable lyrics, smooth production and moody yet optimistic tone vocals with heavy hitting lyricism.

‘Clay Pigeons’ is a song about feeling aimless, expendable, like you have a target on your back, in the humdrum, monotony of the uncaring metropolis, and somehow, though feeling like this, appreciating what you have, what’s around you, and ultimately still keeping it moving regardless of situation.

Performer/poet/producer My Real Name Is Starship!’s sound is an eclectic fusion of Alternative, Indie, and Hip-Hop, with some flavourings of folk as well as jazz. A sound reminiscent of Daisy Agers floating on an undercurrent of the gritty, mystique of 90s/00s British Alternative music. His music falls into the sonic concoctions indicative of the zeitgeist flowing through London and the South, as seen by artists such as King Krule, Tom Misch, Cosmo Pyke, Rex Orange County, and Yellow Days. My Real Name Is Starship! dropped his first full length EP, ‘Pavement Transmissions’ earlier this year and continues to diligently craft new tracks and steadily perform at gigs/open mics across London and the South.


IG – @myrealnameisstarship

FB – @myrealnameisstarshipofficial

IG – @dassaimusic

FB – @dassaimusic

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