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nikolaj grandjean recalls the beautiful journey of finding his soulmate in ‘Seven Wild Horses’ visual

Danish singer-songwriter nikolaj grandjean has released the first title track from his upcoming EP, “Seven Wild Horses.’ The song repeatedly questions if we’re enough, something so many people deal with.

He said this about the track “Seven Wild Horses“ longs for the one and only; it longs for a soul mate, the complications that come along with the depth of that partnership, and the beautiful steps along that journey. nikolaj unmasks the duplicity of making yourself suitable for your vis-à-vis and reveals a certain kind of insecurity behind the process.”

nikolaj grew up in Copenhagen in a total matriarchy. Educated by his mother and her partner, he owes his alternative perspective and modern world outlook to the situation he was born in. The similarities and differences between all humans dominate the theme running through his creative work.

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He released his second studio album Together in 2014. His new EP will release on Feb 7th of next year.

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