PALESS releases visual to new single, “Movie to Movie”


Paless has released an awesome new track called “Movie to Movie” The visual is beautiful and has amazing scenes that showcase the creativity that went behind the production. With the beach scenes and other beautiful views, it’s perfect for the track. The track is a soothing single that creates a captivating oasis for the listener from start to finish.

Speaking on the track,

“The title should be written Movie Into Movie, but we dared to move from Movie To Movie. It sounds good. One day, when Ryohei made a joke-like track, the guitarist Yuki, who listened to it, was so moved that it became a song.Every human and animal eye has a movie. From the time they are born to the time they die, people pass by a lot of humans, and they live by watching each person’s movie for an instant. This song is like that.”

Great work on this song. Be sure to listen and enjoy, please leave your feedback below.

Get the track:


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