Not All There released a wonderful new track called “Quarantine My Clementine”


“This song was written in late march as the pandemic took grip of life as we knew it. Businesses suddenly froze, schools were put on hold, concerts and tours cancelled for the foreseeable future. Quarantine My Clementine looks for an escape from the Covid-19 hysteria, diving into a fantasy with help from psychedelic guitar bends and acoustic melodies. Helplessness and fear soon creep in as my psyche searches for answers but finds none. It is easy to get caught up in how life was before, constantly longing for the “good ole days.” However, we must learn to adapt, keep moving, and grow despite our situation.”

There will be a gofoundme marketed around this track, using our platform to support iconic local venues that have suffered during the economic shutdown in our hometown of Lawrence, Kansas.

Last but not least, 100% of the proceeds from this single to the crowdsourcing campaign, hoping that exposure from our music spreads awareness to our cause.


Not All there released a new track called “Quarantine My Clementine” This song is a timely one and like all the others it comes with its own, special twist on it. It’s great and it’s a good project. Wonderful music and really nice vocals. Please listen and share your thoughts below.

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