PREMIERE: Savannah Sgro addresses toxic relationships in new FIRE single ‘Stable’


I am so excited to premiere the newest single from Savannah Sgro titled, ‘Stable.’ I’ve been waiting a long time to share this with you guys. I was in love with it the first time I heard it. The pop masterpiece is a journey of empowerment as Savannah figures out her current relationship is a waste of time and pain. Her powerful vocals showcase the raw emotion heard in the lyrics, making you feel empowered as well. With lyrics like ‘You’ll never be able to give me stable” or “The good parts are only temporary” tell raw and honest moments in a girl’s life that many don’t want to admit during a relationship that needs to end.

The lush blend of pop and captivating vocals create such a freeing experience that instantly turns your mood upside down. The Nashville based indie artist really outdid herself with this one. It’s empowering, addictive, raw, touching and powerful at the same time, an instant classic.

In 2018, she started to release a series of singles that lead up to her debut EP, Phobia, which now has over 16 million streams and counting. With 50,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify, the relatable pop Queen crushed her debut with the EP that summed up who she was at that time with love, herself and more. That too was a relatable work of art with each track as powerful as the last. She has yet to put out something I wouldn’t blast loud in my house to and song to with all the energy in my body. She says things we think and wishes we could put into words. I couldn’t be happier to share this with you guys.

This is Savannah Sgro’s ‘Stable’.

Get the track here:




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