Ring Them Bells brings new 60’s psychedelic visual for ‘Ringo’


Ring Them Bells takes you back into 60’s psychedelia with a new single ‘Ringo’. The Copenhagen rockers share with fans the first single from their upcoming album. The visual does the song justice with everyone seeming at piece dressed in all white. The song instantly gives the listener a feeling of freedom. The song made it on DR P6, the biggest rock radio in Denmark. The record was recorded and produced by Norwegian Marcus Forsgren (Lionheart Brothers, Jaga Jazzist, Serena Maneesh).

Singer Johannes Nidam explains about the new sounds in a recent press release; “The noise has not subsided, but has been pointed in a certain direction so that the song itself comes more to life, we use the chaos, that has always been an element in our music more effectively, and to our own surprise this stuff is actually danceable in a weird way”

They have released two vinyl-albums in US and Scandinavia “Ringo” will be on thier 3rd album planned in March 2020.

Contact: http://ringthembells.dk/

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