Ron A.P. has released a tight new track called “Circles


Ron A.P. has released “Circles” Hip Hop recording artist, Ron A.P., grew up in South Jersey and later moved to Philadelphia. This is a tight Hip Hop track with nice heavy bass, the skilled rap is good, the lyrics are great. I loved the keyboard contribution in this song. It’s a good track.

He spoke on what inspired the track: “This is a song where I step out of the bounds and gave all my emotions about what I really feel about love. It seems like I could find the right one, but end up still chasing the wrong ones. Then I always find myself blaming the woman, but knowing it’s me that keeps myself in the circle of pity.

Ron A.P., grew up in South Jersey and later moved to Philadelphia. He is an artist currently recording with Dutchstylez Productions. Ron has worked as a musician, writer, actor, and photographer. He started making music in 2002. He took a hiatus from music after joining the military in 2007. He is an Intelligence Analyst in the United States Air Force. He resumed making music in 2017, releasing the first project, “Love Addict” in 2018. His current project “City of Love” was released in November 2019.

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