Ruth Acuff wants to know what you need ‘To Be Happy’ in new lush visual


Ruth Acuff wants you to go after what makes you happy in her new visual for ‘To Be Happy’. According to her press release, the music video was filmed through spring, summer, winter, and fall – capturing the beauty of the changing seasons in Missouri.

She said this about the inspiration behind the track, “What do you need to be happy?” is an inquiry I have made of myself a few billion times, and it’s something that doesn’t always have a definite answer. This song was inspired by that question. I wanted to capture a serious idea in a way that was not stress-inducing, but instead, calming, peaceful, and almost reassuring.” 

She continued, “Around the same time I was writing the song, I attended a harp event at which some of the most highly respected harpists of today performed. As I listened to them play, I was struck by the willingness of so many of the performers to give space to the music, playing each note as a thing of beauty in itself. It seemed to fit so perfectly with the idea that happiness and beauty can be found in a single thought, action, or even in-action. The idea that a string could be plucked, and allowed to ring out until no vibration was left, seemed parallel with a thought floating through my mind, “Do you need anything?”.  

The video is so calming as she sings soft notes over an easy listening melody that sings the listener into a fresh outdoor atmosphere. The fashion in the video is so epic, It changes and adds such mood to the track. She’s really beautiful and so is the track. I can’t wait to hear more.

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