NEW MUSIC: Don’t do Scott Goodwin ‘Dirty’ like that.


Scoot Goodwin is back with a new funky tune and epic music video. The Toronto based, multidisciplinary artist and producer has released a great new track called “Dirty” This is a really nice track if you want to have some fun. I really liked the different guitar strokes throughout the song and the smooth vocals he sung. The quirky video was so epic with its colorful animation, fun scenes, and all-around good vibe.

Aside from music, he is also an accomplished photographer. According to his bio, Goodwin uses his work to explore themes that reflect the world around him. His sold-out 2020 exhibit, Friend Connection, displayed ideas of love, friendship & anxiety – universal experiences that serve to remind us of our similarities and interconnectedness. The exhibit will be returning again soon later this year to allow guests to once again ruminate on their past and current relationships and their impact on their mental health.

Great work on this project. Make sure you listen above and please leave feedback.

Get the track:,,,


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