Sentiment Falls releases ‘I Remember You’


After eight years in the making, Sentiment Falls has released their new single ‘I Remeber You’ The song has reminiscing written all over it, with a story most can relate too.

The reason the song took 8 years to write;

“The original story was that one of them would still have feelings while the other had moved on, but for some reason i couldn’t really get myself to make it a sad song, which led to putting it aside, focusing on other songs before i returned to it again many years later. I then rewrote the chorus in 2017 and suddenly things had changed. Instead of making it a sad/negative song of “what could have been” it turned out to a happy/positive song of “what had been” and for some reason, it affected me more since i could put my own memories into it.”

Sentiment Falls

Swedish band, Sentiment Falls, is an award-winning hot European New Country act fronted by vocalist/guitar Ronnie Wilde and vocalist Andrea Bond. Pairing with producer Martin Carlberg in 2015, this is when the band really began to take off.

Their single, “We Shared A Promise,” released the same year was extremely well received by critics, colleagues, and most importantly, FANS.


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