SHWA LOSBEN TO RELEASE “Even Though” from new album


“Even Though” finds Shwa Losben merging his finely-tuned pop sensibilities with his indie folk background. The result is a form of perfection worthy of repeated listens.

Indie pop artist Shwa Losben released his third album “You Would Have Loved It”. Drawing on influences from Britpop to Americana, the record contains ten hook-laden songs. Opening track “Start Over Again” is an 80s throwback that addresses the long gap since his critically acclaimed 2010 album Good Times, Good Times. “I knew I had more music in me, but I was stuck in place waiting for that perfect opportunity,” Losben says.

On “You Would Have Loved It”, Losben picks up right where he left off, pairing unique stories with addictive melodies. The combination made USA Today praise, “[Shwa Losben] deserves to be heard by more people.”

Recorded in Austin over 2 weeks in summer 2018, Losben teamed up with producer and long-time friend Lang Freeman. Former band mates and collaborators around the country traveled to Texas to be a part of the album. “It was an incredible experience, being surrounded by friends and rediscovering why I loved playing music,” Losben says.

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