Small Strides releases ‘Follow Night’


Small Strides wants to end the year with an optimistic song titled ‘Follow The Night’. The track seems inspired by 60’s pop/rock or Paramore. The alternative rock track includes series guitar runs and catchy hooks that will have you joining in with your air guitar. The build-up from verse to hook is insane and I love the ride getting there. I love the message about knowing that even in the dark there is light. Everyone needs this type of song on the playlist.

In there press release they said this about there group; “In their songs, the four friends from Düsseldorf unite elements of alternative rock, electro, pop, and emo. Death Cab for Cutie’s stylistic bandwidth, Coldplay’s hymnic relatability, as well as Radiohead’s love of experimentation are important cornerstones of Small Strides’ sound.”

This song is a part of their upcoming EP “crossings” that was released on December 20th.

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