We want to hear you.




By submitting your music to us, you will either get a blog post or interview in our nationwide publication. If you are not approved, you will get a refund and can try again at anytime.

If approved we offer:

  • a blog post
  • social media placement
  • 2-4 page interview in the publication
  • a listen within 48 hours.
  • no credits or extra fees.

We only charge $1 for singles, $4 for EPs and $6 for albums. This money helps the company pay it’s college interns.

SubmitHub isn’t for everybody. For starters, you need to have tough skin. Even the most-successful submissions still get rejected by most of the outlets they send to. The sheer volume of music out there means that not everyone will like everything, and bloggers in particular are a very picky bunch. If you’ve got a well-polished song that you think is ready for the world to hear, bloggers are often a great way to get a better understanding of the audience that will (and won’t) like your music.

Have an unfinished track or looking for a second opinion? Sending to the bloggers probably isn’t a great idea, as most of them are looking for finished products. However, you might consider sending to labels — they’re often keen to work with artists who haven’t yet released their material.

Either way, the feedback you receive using premium credits may shed some light on ways that you can improve your music-making going forward. Keep an eye out for bloggers who have high feedback ratings — it means that they often provide meaningful and actionable feedback that you can actually get something out of.

No but we are open to all kinds of music. You will get a refund if you are not chosen this go round but we always encourage you to try again.

Private SoundCloud and unlisted YouTube submissions are more than welcome. When uploading your song, you’ll have an option to indicate the release date for your song, which will be displayed to us so that they know not to share it yet.

If you don’t have either, you can also use an MP3 to send your song.

We provide album and EP reviews for $4 an EP and $6 and album

If we decide to share your song, you will receive an email that will include a link to your post and a date. You can also discuss timing and answer any questions.

Our live chat feature is live 24 hours for all questions.