Sunsets has released an outstanding new track called “Align” (feat. Foreignlocal.)


Sunsets have released a juicy new track called “Align” (ft Foreignlocal) This is an amazing and exciting new track that has an incredible beat, It sounds like something from the ’80s, such a good vibe. I liked the vocals at the beginning of the song and the guitar and drums. Perfect. The lyrics are outstanding! Be sure to take a listen above and leave your thoughts below.

When asked about the track, he states,

“This is a very happy and carefree song that tells a story of the idea of having something/someone that feels like a perfect fit and with perfect timing like how astrology (sun, moon & stars) is all perfectly aligned. It is basically meant to be and there is no need to worry about anything because it will all work out in the end. I hope this song makes you feel aligned with yourself and everyone else around you! “

Add this to your playlist today.

Get the track:,,,


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